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Our Silicone Swim Caps provide more comfort than the average silicone cap. It also means less snagging and pulling of hair – highly valuable for long-haired swimmers! The soft silicone compound also provides a relaxed fit to help prevent headaches over long duration swims. The interior textured surface keeps caps in place, but with an easy on-and-off design, they won’t pull out your hair. Our racing designs reduce drag with their contoured shape. Whether you’re in the pool for a meet or lounging on a pool deck, Supreme Products is a brand you can trust for high-quality swimming gear and other underwater necessities. Find durable and pliable swim caps for all occasions. 

Our caps are made from 100% silicone which makes it extra durable. Durability is one of the main features of a swim cap. Now, swim caps are available in the market by the dozen.

There is no limit on the number of brands and companies that manufacture swim caps and float them in the market. But as any regular swimmer knows, it is very important to invest in a good quality one to get the most of it. Silicone ones are reliable and more importantly very user-friendly. Easy to put on, and easy to remove, they are suitable for both men and women.

This is a very good cap for professional swimmers who have to be in the water for most of their day. The chlorine in the water can be very damaging to the hair plus there is a risk of catching a cold or fever if the hair is left dripping for far too long.

So for professional swimmers as well as other enthusiasts, this cap provides the luxury of being underwater with a dry head of hair. So no matter whether you are buying for yourself or for your dear ones, if you are looking for the best in the world then here it is!

Best Swim Caps to Keep Hair Dry 

A swim cap is the best option to keep your hair dry while swimming but its performance depends on the way you used it and type of swim hat you are using.
There are many types serving different purposes like protecting long hair or cold water swimming. If you want to buy a one that keeps your hair dry, then silicone is the best.

The silicone material allows the swim cap to stretch comfortably so in case it is being used by someone who has long hair, it does not get tangled very easily. The price is affordable, and because of its durable nature, it can be considered as a one-time investment.
They can be used for months without any visible damage. They are very effective for people with small or average-length hair. 

 100% Silicone

Our range is made of 100% silicone which makes it extra durable. This durability is one of the main features. Now, swim caps are available in the market by the dozen.

There is no limit on the number of brands and companies that manufacture swim caps and float them in the market. But as any regular swimmer knows, it is very important to invest in a good quality swim cap to get the most of it.

Silicone is reliable and more importantly very user-friendly. Easy to put on, and easy to remove and suitable for both men and women. So no matter whether you are buying for yourself or for your dear ones, if you are looking for the best in the world then here it is!

Waterproof Long Hair Caps for Dry Hair

Made with silicone our caps are a durable product that is suitable for both men as well as women. There are many benefits of this product including its quality and waterproof material.

From the first look, it has the appearance of a good quality swim cap. The material is sturdy and looks strong. The swim cap is made of solid silicone which makes it resistant to water. That means that one can easily put it on and swim away without even a drop of water touching the hair.

The anti-slip feature allows you to make complex manoeuvres in the water without worrying about the swim cap slipping off. Even the littlest of these things add to the whole swimming experiences. For young adults who are out to learn swimming for the very first time, this swim cap comes very useful as it gives them the confidence to just swim without worrying about anything else.

Putting it on is very easy too. The stretchable material allows the fingers to navigate through the head. The package has pictorial instructions on how to put on this cap. This product comes in four different colours which are suitable for both men and women. It is a good buy for anyone looking for a good quality swim cap that will protect their hair from the water and also give them a comfortable swimming experience.

Benefits of Silicone

  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Provides warmth in cooler water temperatures.
  • Protection for your hair & keeps hair in place.
  • Made from 100% Silicone.
  • Shaped for a superior fit.
  • Great for long hair.
  • Made from 100% Premium Silicone.
  • Available in a wide selection of colours.
  • Designed to create a smooth, sleek outline in the water.
  • Provides protection for your hair and head from cooler water temperatures and keeps hair in place.

The Choice is Yours

What do you need to think about when buying? Firstly, consider what you’ll be using it for. Is it to protect your hair from chlorine, while keeping it as dry as possible? Or are you looking for something super-tight and streamlined to help you swim faster in the pool? Or does the pool you take your kids to insist they wear a swim hat, so you just want something that’s comfy and good value.

There are different styles to cater to all these needs; there’s even thermal, neoprene hats to keep your head warm if you’re cold water swimming in the sea or lakes in winter. Most performance swim hats are made with silicone making them stretchy enough to work for all head sizes, though if you have long hair with lots of volumes, you should look for a specifically-designed extra-large cap, so it won’t slip back or fall off when you push off from the wall.

It’s also worth thinking about how vigorously you plan to swim, as gentle breaststroke will require a less fitted hat than fast front crawl or butterfly, especially if you’re doing racing dives or forceful tumble turns. We’ve included a mix of brands and some children’s options too. The hats were tested in a leisure centre swimming pool.

Companies We Have Worked For

Why Choose Us

Professional Work

We have a team of friendly professional experts on hand to help you choose the right style for your Swim Club.

Great Ideas

Work with our experienced team to achieve the best Swimming Cap Design for your organisation.

Professional Work

Super fast delivery Australia wide through our courier network, including regional areas.

Why should you wear one?

Your safety is the main reason why you should wear a swimming hat. A cap, when worn while swimming will;

  • Protect your hair from chemicals
  • Improve your hydrodynamics
  • Keep the hair away from the eyes
  • Will keep your head warm
  • Prevent clogging of the swimming pool with hair
  • You will be prominently visible in open water
  • May help to prevent swimmer’s ear.

Wearing a Custom Printed one gives you extra advantages because you can be identified easily by a coach due to the colour coding and logo. If you experience any problems while in the water, the coach can immediately come to your assistance. So the swim cap ensures your safety.

Bridging Gaps

Qualities of the Swim Caps

Our Printed Promotional Silicone Swim Caps are designed to provide a seamless and sleek look in the water. They are manufactured with the safety of swimmers in mind. Our caps have the following qualities:

  • Manufactured with 100% moulded silicone which provides maximum comfort.
  • A 3D ergonomic design to ensure a snug fit.
  • A wide range in colours with a pearly finish.
  • Logo on the sides.
  • Three custom options are available – flat, dome-shaped, and seamless.
  • The printing of the caps can also be customised for Tie Dye.

Our Research & Development Department is always striving to discover innovative ideas to improve the performance of swimmers in the water. We aim at swim cap designs that will reduce the friction and drag so that it does not slow down the swimmer. The caps improve the buoyancy and help even the new swimmers to remain afloat. Our R&D also focuses on new ways to help keep the user’s heads warm while swimming in cold water. The optimum elasticity maintains the compression of our caps perfect so that it prevents unnecessary stress and fatigue while swimming. These attributes of our designs are aimed at helping swimmers to get an edge over their competition and come out as champions.

Why Do Swimmers Wear Two Caps?

Taking care of your custom printed silicone swim cap

When you take good care of your swimming cap printed with the logo, it will have a longer life. You can take care of your cap by:

Rinsing with clean water,

  • Air drying the cap.
  • Wearing double.
  • Not drying them near radiators or heaters.
  • Storing the cap away from sunlight and heat.

    The ultra-swimmers pushing the sport’s boundaries

  • Tom Allan joins Lewis Pugh as he bids to swim the length of the English Channel Swim — and talks to others going further still.
The advantage of Competition Swim Caps

A Competition Cap has a major advantage. Designs can be printed on the top of the cap, on the sides, as well in the front and back. Standard prices are applicable for printing the same design on either side. For printing on additional areas or printing multiple designs, there will be an extra charge. Custom quotes will be available on request.

For a more affordable option, the Custom Printed Latex Caps are a good choice. They are made from Latex rubber and are a popular choice of athletes who prefer a looser and tighter fit. These caps are most suited for swimming practice, outdoor swimming events, and triathlons. They are commonly used by representative teams in schools, colleges, universities, clubs, as well as at promotional, competitive, and special events.

For a first-time swimmer, keeping the hair out of the eyes is very important so that the vision is not blocked. Of course, this factor is important for a swimmer at any level, even a professional to maintain speed and accuracy. For beginners, the Custom Printed Polyester Caps are just perfect due to their easy-fit 3-panel construction. Teachers find them useful because the caps can not only be custom-branded with the school logo on the sides but can also be colour coded to identify the skill levels of different students while they are in the water even from a distance.

We have a dedicated, professional, and efficient delivery system of providing top-quality swim caps. Irrespective of whether you are a National Swim Team, State Swimming Competition, University Swim Meet, School Swimming Gala, Club Swim Meet, Swimming Training Camp, Triathlon, or Open Water Swim our caps will be delivered on time. We are a reliable caps store providing Swimming Caps for Schools, different types of events like promotions, special events, school events, competitions, training, for beginners (to keep the hair in place) or as marketing giveaways.

During the 2012 London Olympics swimming events, some of the participants wore double swimming caps. They used a latex cap inside to keep the hair away from the face. They donned the swimming goggles and then wore a second snug-fitting seamless silicone swim cap. This gave them the advantage of a smooth surface for focused streamlining.

We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. We are inspired and dedicated to providing the best-personalised service in customised caps. Whether you belong to a club, province, district, county, state, or the nation, we understand how important it is for you to represent the team(s). Providing a prominently visible team logo on the cap is our aim.

Pink Caps amongst the White Caps.

How do you decide which type of swim cap is ideal for you?

While swimming, you need to concentrate on your strokes irrespective of whether you are a rookie or a pro. Your life could depend on having the clearest vision in the water without any obstructions. So buying the most suitable swim cap could mean a matter of life and death. These are some of our custom printed swim caps:

Latex Swim CapsThis is one of the most commonly used leisure swim caps.

Pros: Latex is a synthetic rubber and the caps are really affordable. Quality Latex Swim Caps protect your hair from the chlorine in the water and are available for a snug fit as well as a loose fit.
Con: Those who are allergic to chemical-based products against their skin and hair do not use the Latex.

Silicone  – Silicone caps are the most cost-effective variety.

Pros: This is the most flexible, snug fit, and comfortable variety of swim caps. Due to their comfortable value, they are very popular with professionals. But they are also recommended for beginners or mid-level swimmers who need a snug-fitting swim cap so that the hair does not block their vision and they can focus on learning the strokes. Silicone Caps are also the most durable ones. Silicone material does not cause allergic reactions so they can be worn by anyone.
Cons: The silicone material is slippery. Swimmers with long and silky hair sometimes find it difficult to keep the cap in place because they tend to slip off while they are swimming.

Lycra and Polyester Swim Caps Very stretchable caps

Pros: Made with Lycra and polyester are truly stretchable and will give you a very comfortable fit. They can effectively keep the hair away from the face while in a pool and will protect your hair from the UV rays while swimming outdoors.
Cons: Swim caps made with Lycra and polyester to some extent do not protect your hair from the effects of chlorine. These materials tend to absorb water during your swim.
Many people use Lycra and polyester caps underneath their Latex rubber caps.  This helps to keep the hair away from the face and from getting snagged anywhere.
Ultimately, while choosing Cap with Logo that is perfect for your needs, you have to take several factors into consideration. The cap must be durable. It must fit comfortably and be sufficiently snug to keep your hair out of your face. But it must not be so tight that it becomes either uncomfortable or keeps slipping off while you are still in the water. Latex, Lycra, and polyester swim caps tend to stretch so you should not choose one just by sight. It is sensible to use a measuring tape and take measurements around your head to buy the right size cap.

Swim Caps

Swim Caps for Kids under training

For a kid who is undergoing professional swimming training, a good swim cap will reduce drag and improve the performance. Of course, this is applicable even if the child is learning swimming as just a hobby. Kids also need a swim cap that will keep the hair out of the eyes and to protect the head against accidental collision against the edge of the swimming pool. After all, the kids are still learning the ropes and are not yet experienced in the water. So using the premium quality silicone swim cap becomes imperative.

Our Custom Printed Seamless Silicone are constructed to fit even small heads. They protect the hair from chemical damage and give the swimmers a clear vision when the hair is tucked neatly into the caps. But they are not just practical and useful. They also have an aesthetic value with and the colourful prints appeal to the children. Our unique character prints are available in striking colours so that kids love to wear the caps during their daily practice lessons.

Keeping in mind the need for perfect hydrodynamics, our Swim Cap Range keep the hair in place. They prevent drag that would slow down the progress of the child undergoing swimming training. For training professional athletes, it is important that there are no factors that hinder the speed and progress of a potential star. Therefore, we have a wide range in swim cap sizes to fit the heads of children belonging to different age groups. We understand that a well-fitting, comfortable, and non-absorbent will make the difference between being just another swimmer and being a star representative of your team.

Comfort is another quality of our children’s swim caps. As they are made with 100% silicone material, they have a high level of elasticity. This ensures that they swim caps are neither too tight nor too loose. In fact, they are a perfect fit for kids of all ages, whether their heads are small or large. The shape of the caps is designed so that there is a perfect balance between safety (with the hair tucked away properly under the cap) and hydrodynamics (better speed and streamlining in the water).

The design and shape of our Promotional Caps are ideally meant for use in swimming pools. The soft silicone is never uncomfortably tight and is a good fit for any head size. Our custom-designed logos and arena lettering, with its unique colour-coding, will ensure that the teachers/coaches can keep a track of all the team members who are in the water at any given time.

Cambridge University Swimming and Water Polo Club

The preferred choice of representative teams

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing the best Printed Silicone Swim caps for kids as well as adults. This is not only due to the fact that they are comfortable but also because they have attractive designs and logos that add a sense of style to a swimming event.

Another factor that makes us so popular is that fact that we deliver the custom printed silicone swim caps within 3-6 weeks. The delivery schedule will depend on the number of colours and designs you need on the swim caps. If you need the caps quickly, you can opt for the standard printing where your logo and team colours are designed only on the sides. Of course, the number of colours your logo has also will affect the pricing. But our swim caps are some of the most affordable ones in the market today. Ultimately, you will make a choice with the safety of your team members in mind.

Our designers are a dedicated team who have plenty of experience in graphic designing. Our lettering is hardly ever plain or uninteresting. When you opt for our range of Personalised Caps, you will get the advantages of:

  • Our in-house graphic artists with many years of experience in the field,
  • Incorporating a design of your own if you want,
  • An advanced corporate-style software application that produces state-of-the-art graphic designs,
  • Suggestions from qualified and experienced designers who can put your nebulous ideas into practice by providing the most impactful designs,
  • An interesting medley of colours that would appeal to children, teenagers, and adults alike from a quality Cap Supplier.
  • Designs that would make the representative teams feel proud to wear the logo.

A variety of materials used during the manufacturing process. The silicone caps are thicker, have a higher level of durability, and are usually preferred by beginners as well as casual swimmers. Our Latex swim caps are lighter, thinner, and are usually the first choice of professional swimmers. But the design and shape of both types are such that they provide excellent hydrodynamics, safety, and aesthetics for the swimmers.

Swim Caps are used in different types of swimming events. But they have other uses too, some of them are;

  • As gift items in gyms, sports clubs, leisure centres, etc.
  • As excellent merchandising and sponsored items at vacation resorts, educational institutions, gyms, sports clubs, tourist attractions (water parks), etc.
  • As corporate gifts with the company logo prominently printed on the caps, to reach out to premises that host swimming and other aquatic events.
  • As promotional items to popularize your company irrespective of the kind of product or service you offer.
  • To create brand value for your company as an entity who understands the true meaning of social responsibility, healthy living, and safety of the future generation.
  • London University Swimming Team
Bottom Line

Optimum Hydrodynamics with Custom Printed Seamless Silicone 

For beating the competition and attaining an edge over other swimmers, Custom Printed Seamless Silicone is just what you need. These caps are can be used by swimming teams representing schools, colleges, universities, swimming organisations, competitions, or those who are participating in special swimming events. Made with hypoallergenic materials and provide multiple benefits like durability, comfort, and hydrodynamics.

They are right for potential athletes who want to develop their swimming skills. The caps, with the sleek finish and prominent logos, are perfect for professional swimmers and champions. Our colour palette for lettering and logos makes our custom printed swim caps an attractive choice that adds a sense of style.

Whether you opt for the snug-fitting caps or the slightly looser Latex rubber ones, you can be assured of the best hydrodynamics. This is because the caps are designed in such a way that they prevent obstruction of vision so that the focus is on water streamlining. Naturally, this has a very positive effect on a swimmer’s performance and speed.

Personalisation has many advantages and benefits for all types of apparel and products especially if you’re part of a charity or sports team. From local events to multinational ones, flaunting your custom made sportswear is a significant part of the overall sports experience – and personalised caps are no different.

Personalised is particularly important as the swimmers head is the only part of the body that is available during swimming to display a teams name and logo. With this in mind, why should your team invest in personalised swimming hats over regular ones?

Swimming hats are a great investment for long-term activities and they’re also perfect for one-off events as well. Many teams use sponsors to help pay for their participation in tournaments, so it’s only fair that they are fairly acknowledged for their contributions.

Whether it’s for a charity or a private company, and organisations logo on the hats is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to a sponsor for all of their help. With the possibility of adjusting the size, colours and placement of the logo, it’s also easy to print your own and your sponsor’s logo onto the hat for a discreet and memorable promotion.

Hats are an essential part of your swimming attire, so why wouldn’t you want to make them unique? No matter the size of the event, contact our expert, friendly staff now to find out how you can bring your team together and show your rivals who you are with customised.

Our expert printing techniques and our state-of-the-art machinery guarantee that your logo or team name will be printed to the highest possible quality and will be durable enough to last.

We also offer express printing, such as same and next day, services which are designed to get all of your required promotional merchandise and clothing to you when you need it. We also have event location delivery so we can deliver your merchandise to where it’s needed taking the hassle out of ordering printed clothing and accessories.

Swim Caps & Dry Hair

Training & Competition Swimsuits

Compete in style with women’s competition 2 piece training swimwear. Perfect for racing in a swim meet or training during swim practice, these aqua aerobics accessories deliver long-lasting performance, reliable coverage, and lightweight performance lap after lap. Beach robes for adults, a collection of competition swimwear features swimsuits with a variety of features: thick or thin straps, open or closed backs, and minimal or full coverage.

Chlorine resistant swimwear two-piece, come in a range of styles to suit a wide range of preferences. Skimpy back styles with thin straps and an open, cut-out back offer maximum flexibility and minimal tan lines. Moderate back styles feature a cut-out back with either thin or thick straps for moderate coverage that remains comfortable lap after lap. Conservative back styles are designed with thick, secure straps and minimal back cut-outs for absolute modesty and conservative comfort.

Tech Suits are meant for important meets and championships, as they feature precisely technical designs that help you speed through the water. With a compressive fit, these tech suits deliver optimal support.
We also feature a variety of anti-fog products, aqua aerobics equipment, cheap racing bathers and other types of training suits. Drag Suit Tights provide natural resistance to help Australian dragon boat federation improve skills. Cheap training swimwear offers a comfortable alternative to one-piece training suits. With a secure fitting top and bottom, these two pieces are perfect for mid-day training.

Swim Caps

As every swimmer knows, the finishing touch of a swim cap to your competitive swimwear is crucial for achieving maximum speed in the water for achieving that new personal best, whether you’re in a race or swimming practice laps. We have every cut, colour, and style you could imagine in our expansive collection of cheap swim caps.

Looking for a tried and true classic? We have cool swim caps designs and Christmas swim caps that are the standard in today’s swimming world. You can even create your own swim cap. For swimmers who have certain fabric allergies, our custom latex swim caps and custom made swim caps are just as high performing and stylish. Represent for the long hair crew with our racing swimming goggles and shave milliseconds off your finishing time with our collection of silicone fins for the serious competitors.

If you want something a little less serious and a lot more creative, we have you covered with a variety of small swim bags and racing bathers for your entire squad. With the like of kids swimming flippers, you’re sure to find the perfect combo of colour and style to dive into your next practise or race.

Ever thought about water aerobics classes as an exercise? The thought of working out in the pool seems fun, but is it effective? Water Aerobics classes have grown in popularity over the past decade and are offered at most fitness clubs, gyms and pools these days. For those looking for a new way to get fit, get a full-body workout and have fun at the same time, it might be high time to check out a Water Aerobics class – or workout by yourself in the pool with some basic waterproof swimming bags Australia or swimming rubber bands and swimming wetsuits. Here are 10 reasons you might want to think about taking your workout to the pool.

More Resistance
Water is nearly 10 times as dense as air, so the movement you do underwater is more effective because of the increased resistance. Try shallow water lunges or squats, perfect for using your swimwear racing suits and swimming equipment.

Builds Balance & Agility
Many athletes and people recovering from injury or surgery are encouraged to work out in the pool in speedo swim jacket. Why? The sensation of weightlessness in the water helps with regaining balance and agility. The water acts as support as you learn to regain these skills, more able to then use finger paddles.

Low-Impact Activity
Unlike running on land, water workouts create a low-impact environment making your movement great for joint pain. Whether you’re thinking of water aerobics as a form of physical therapy or a way to combat chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, the pool has endless options for low-impact exercises.

We stock hundreds of varieties to suit all types of a swimmer, from our high-tech range of FINA-approved performance swim caps to comfortable and practical swimming hats.

It might just be what you’re looking for a waterproof swim cap to help keep your hair dry when swimming a few early lengths before work or school. Alternatively, you may find value due to their ability to keep your head warm and comfortable in the water.

For the more competitive swimmers, a professional swim cap is a vital item of kit to help maximise performance in the pool. They are designed to streamline your swim by reducing drag in the water, which results in a faster and more efficient swim.

They come in a variety of materials. We have an extensive selection of popular ones, as well as options for polyester, Lycra and Latex swim caps from all the top brands including Speedo, Arena, Jaked, Maru, Mad Wave, MP Michael Phelps, Nike, Adidas and many more.

For open water swimmers, we also stock a neoprene swim cap range from top triathlon brands including 2XU, Huub and Aqua Sphere.

If that’s not enough, we’re also the place to visit you’re looking for a kids’ waterproof swimming hat. We have a range of fun and colourful designs that your son or daughter will love.

So no matter what swimming hat you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find the best swim cap for you by browsing our full range.

Sydney University Sport & Fitness

Custom Swim Caps Australia

  • The pro season has kicked off last, as the top pro series hits a new slate of cities for 2019. With less than 20 months to go until Tokyo, this year in pro swimming will have some terrific storylines to set up for the global stage in 2020.

    Here are a few things to keep an eye on in 2019, as the Olympic countdown begins.

    Can any of the youngsters rise to challenge Katie Ledecky?

  • Athletes find their motivational fuel from a variety of things: inner drive, their coaches, their teammates – and oftentimes, the support and opportunity for success in front of the home crowd. Home country medal counts and gold medals have surged at recent Olympics and the same is likely in Japan, which has a proud sporting tradition. Japanese swimmers excel at several events like breaststroke and the men’s IM, and it will be interesting to see if increased depth or new talent shines through over the course of the 2019 swim season and the 2019 World Championships, held just a short flight from Japan in Gwangju, South Korea. If they do, there’s no denying the Japanese team will be a motivated bunch over the coming year and could steal some medals – and thunder – from some of the traditional swim powers come Tokyo 2020.


    No one will match the range of Katie Ledecky with her custom printed swim caps any time soon and her current position as the favourite in 200m through 1500m freestyle remains, but there are signs that young challengers – all currently 20-years-old or younger – might emerge for Tokyo. Canadian Taylor Ruck (18) posted the best time in the 200m free this year at Pan Pacs as Ledecky finished third. Italian Simona Quadarella is more of a long-distance freestyler but she too is improving with custom water polo caps and deck coats for swimmers closing the gap – if only a little – in the 800m and 1500m freestyles. Perhaps the most dangerous is Australian Ariarne Titmus (18), who lowered her times in the 400m by big numbers this year. As supporters of Team USA, we love seeing Ledecky win – but a little competition never hurts. Federer wouldn’t be Federer without Nadal. The 90s Lakers wouldn’t be legends without custom team swim caps. Here’s to the possibility of some budding rivalries.

  • Athletes find their motivational fuel from a variety of things: inner drive, their coaches, their teammates – and oftentimes, the support and opportunity for success in front of the home crowd. Home country medal counts and gold medals have surged at recent Olympics and the same is likely in Japan, which has a proud sporting tradition. Japanese swimmers excel at several events like breaststroke and the men’s IM, and it will be interesting to see if increased depth or new talent shines through over the course of the 2019 swim season and the 2019 World Championships, held just a short flight from Japan in Gwangju, South Korea. If they do, there’s no denying the Japanese team will be a motivated bunch over the coming year and could steal some medals – and thunder – from some of the traditional swim powers come Tokyo 2020.



Swimming Equipment Online

It’s not uncommon that it gets harder to commit to the pool when the season takes a turn for winter. The days get shorter, the temperatures get colder and, with boys racing jammers, the motivation dwindles. Buy swim fins to stay fit, consistency is key, and that’s especially true when it comes to custom swim caps or custom swim parka —regardless of the season. No matter how hard it is, making the effort to get out the door and to the pool is extremely important for both your mental and physical strength.

Still, need convincing? Here are some reasons why you should keep swimming this winter.

1. The pools are less crowded – Now that the summer heatwaves have come and gone, so have most of the recreational swimmers, so you can take the time how to put on a swim cap. The nice thing about kids swim fins and swimming in the winter season is that you can avoid the crowded lanes and bystanders on the pool deck and kids swim jacket. This makes it easier to get in a quick and efficient workout with minimal distractions.

2. It will help to build discipline – We know how hard it can be to where to buy flippers for swimming and leave the comfort of your warm couch to go jump in a cool pool, but you should do it anyway. and find out swimming robes for adults. By making the conscious decision to leave your house to go swim, when it’s the absolute last thing you want to do, you’re building discipline. Take the time to find swimming supplies. This new sense of mind-over-matter will take you far, and not just in the pool.

3. It’s actually still warm (in most places) – Luckily, there’s such thing as an Indian summer. While we may be in the thick of fall, the temperatures outside might be more favourable than you’d expect. Training swimwear Australia and pick the warmest days of the week to hit the pool, and take advantage of the nice weather when its forecast with a swim cap.

4. You get a phenomenal view of the sunsets – Is there anything better than a purple swim cap and a front-row view of cotton-candy skies from the water using spray anti-fog? The answer is no. Now that the sun is setting earlier in the evening, you’ll likely be able to catch a good glimpse towards the tail end of your practice and don a nose clip.

5. It’s a great form of cross-training –Even if you prefer the running trails or biking in the fall, swimming acts as a great form of cross-training year around. Because of its low-impact nature, personalized swim caps work as a nice recovery exercise for all athletes.

6. The pools are often heated – Contrary to popular belief, the pools are often actually warmer than the temperature outside in the colder months. If you think it’s too cold for a swim workout, consider the heated or indoor pool and take the plunge.

7. It’s a good way to get a jump-start on your 2019 fitness goals – It’s no secret that comes January 1 the gyms and sports clubs will be jam-packed with resolution enthusiasts. Pink pull buoy and get a jump-start on your 2019 fitness goals by starting now, and avoiding the New Year rush wearing a polyester swim cap.

8. Keep up that base you built this summer – Sure, your summer workouts were warm and sunny and you could bask on the pool deck after with a printed swim caps. And you probably built simply colours and a nice training base, right? So don’t throw it all away by not swimming now that the weather has cooled down. Cut back on your speedo swim parka days, and your swim bag distance, but make sure to keep your regime up. If you can get out there and spend at least 65% of the time in the pool that you did during the summer, you’re in good shape – simply swim.

The Short Course World Championships are certainly a bit of an afterthought in elite level swimming, holding their place somewhere in the prestige rankings below that of 50m regional championships like Europeans, Pan Pacs and Commonwealth Games but certainly above the FINA World Cup events watching pull boy swimming.

Even if the Short Course worlds are “short” on prestige, they are no longer lacking in history. The pull float 2018 edition taking place December 11-16 in Hangzhou, China is the 25th anniversary of the inaugural Short Course Worlds held in 1993. It’s the 14th time the world’s top swimmers have come together to crown the best in the 25m pool surf lifesaving cap. But that’s part of the problem. Swim cap design, swim coat and swim fins — because the Short Course Worlds often seem to lack many of the world’s best swimmers.

Nonetheless, swim fins Australia they are a great place to watch some of the new international stars emerge and use swim plugs from swim shops and swim store. See international swimmers face-off against each other in swim socks.

  • Generally speaking, major international sporting events in China get good crowds and good turnouts because the local governments are involved and can turn on their own marketing and messaging capabilities. Hangzhou is about 2.5 hours west of Shanghai and it will be interesting to see if there is an international feel to the event given its location. But if the Chinese swimmers perform, there’s no question that a boisterous crowd will make for a thrilling atmosphere next month.
  • As swimmers, swim caps are our constant companions. After wearing them during the practice day after day, you wonder why any sane person would go in the water without one? But once race day hits, the swim cap tends to get pushed to the back of the mind. Swimmers will focus more on their warm-up routine or their racing suit rather than which cap to wear and why. In reality, the swim cap is very important during a race. Here’s why: Movement through the water

    Swimming is all about hydrodynamics. We want to make our bodies as smooth and slick as possible when moving through the water. Resistance or drag, no matter how small, can affect the outcome of a swimmer’s race. The same can be said about swim caps. Traditional latex or silicone caps typically create wrinkles on top of the head, which in turn creates drag (see image below). Your head is one of the first things to hit the water when diving in. That drag from the cap will slow the swimmer down right off the bat.

    A dome cap eliminates this problem. This type of cap is 3D-molded or formed around the shape of a human head. This moulding process removes the wrinkles and provides a smooth surface across the top of the head. A dome cap makes a difference in a race and can help you improve your time. Competitive swimming experts agree to wear a dome cap, “is the easiest thing someone can do to swim faster.”  

  • Swim Caps from HeadcoversWhether you’re a serious swimmer or a fair-weather frolicker, we’re sure you’ll find a cap to love amongst an array of novelty and classics. They’re great for staving off unwanted water, keeping delicate or colour-treated hair dry, and protecting the skin from the abrasive effects of chlorine. If you’ve got lots of hair, a swim cap can help keep it out of your way while you’re making a splash.  

    What to Expect from Swim Caps  

    Quality performance caps are designed to hold their shape and colour season after season. The company itself is named after the Norse god of warriors, and for serious swimmers, the sleek coverage doesn’t get more legit. Its women’s and men’s swim caps come in soft materials like Lycra and silicone, so you don’t need to worry about painful friction against your hair or skin. They’re no-nonsense and dependable, wherever the competition may take you.

  • Why We Love Speedo  Speedo may be best known for its itty bitty men’s swim trunks, but we’re partial towards the wide selection of swimming hats it offers, all in bold, vibrant colours. The company is over 100 years old and has been making underwater accoutrement since day one. It has basic, no-frill caps in latex for the swimmer who just needs to smooth things down, and competitive-grade caps made of silicone that slide on and off with ease. Its Lycra swim cap was designed specifically for long hair, and moulds to the head for complete UV protection.

    Swim Caps for Cancer Patients

    A swim cap can be a wonderful accessory to keep on hand, especially if your sensitive scalp is irritated by chlorine or the harmful effects of UV radiation. Even if you’re not planning on getting wet, a swim cap offers protection from the elements while offering up a fresh bit of sporty or retro flair. If you are planning on diving in, it’s a good idea to first ask your healthcare team if swimming is safe for your condition. Your doctor may recommend against it if you’re more susceptible to germs in the water. But when you do get the green light, go for it! Swimming is a soothing exercise that’s great for building strength in your bones and muscles. It’s low impact, and the moves are easily adaptable for different levels of fitness abilities. And if you’re wearing our swimming caps, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is when to come up for air.

    How to Choose a Swim Cap Material

    Swim caps come in four main materials: Lycra, latex, rubber and silicone. Each material has special features that recommend it for a specific functional use. Here’s what you need to know:

    Silicone. Smooth and build to last, silicone caps are often preferred by professionals and serious swimmers. It’s thicker than latex, and the slick texture makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze (Olympic athletes tend to agree).

    Lycra. It’s stretchy but still gentle, great for sensitive scalps. If your number one pet peeve is hair that gets pulled while adjusting your cap, then opt for this flexible material. While it won’t keep your hair dry, it does protect from UV rays and helps mitigate damage caused by chlorine.

    Rubber. Thick and highly durable rubber is great for cold-weather swimming due to its insulating properties. It also holds shape and colour well, so many of our vintage and retro caps are made with rubber.

    Latex. This is a budget-friendly option that behaves like Lycra but typically comes at a lower price point. Latex will keep hair out of your face and its snug fit reduces water resistance, so it’s a good choice if skin sensitivity isn’t your top concern.

    How to Put on a Swim Cap

    Putting on a swim cap isn’t exactly intuitive. In fact, it takes a bit of strategy to neatly tuck everything inside without ripping or damaging the cap. So before you leap into the pool, be sure to remove any jewellery from your fingers and take sharp objects like clips or pins out of your hair. If you’ve got long hair, tying it up into a bun first can help keep everything under control.

    To put it on, first, place both hands in the interior of the cap and gently stretch to open. Arc your fingers to avoid poking your fingernails through the material. Place the front interior edge against your forehead, then centre the cap over the crown of your hair, tug it down, and remove your hands.

  • How To Put on Your Swim Cap

    The Rookie Tri beginner triathlon swim start swim cap colorsIn a triathlon like the Rookie Tri, swim caps are provided as part of the race and are required to be worn during the swim portion of the event. Different groups will wear different colours to help signal when waves are starting. Talk to those who have the same cap colour, you may just make a friend in line.
    If you’re not used to wearing a swim cap, putting one on can be tricky business, especially if you have long hair!
    Here are a few tips that you help you put on your swim cap with ease.

    Putting On The Swim Cap

    First, it is best to have your hair and your cap wet. Then, the best way to do this is to hold the cap by the sides and open the cap as wide as possible. Then bring your head forward into the cap. Start by pulling the cap over your forehead then carry on working it down towards the back of your head.

    If you have long hair you should put your hair in a mid to low loose ponytail. Leave your hair out to the back. Pull the cap on halfway. Then twist up the rest of your ponytail up into the cap. Try to put it in the cap as evenly as possible so that the cap still has a good seal. Tuck any flyaway hairs along your face up into the cap. These small hairs can get tangled in your goggles when you are swimming and it will be painful to unravel them when you are done.

    What to Avoid

    Swimmers that put their hair up in large buns or high ponytails create a point in their cap this lets in water because it is not sealed correctly around the face.

    Be careful not you use your fingernails when putting on your cap. A small tear can quickly grow and you don’t want anything distracting you in the swim.

    Putting the swim cap too low on your forehead. Make sure that your goggles are touching your face and not your swim cap.

         – Happy swimming!

    Choosing the right Swim Cap depends on two main factors: the type of swimming you’ll be engaging in, and how you want the swim cap to fit on your head. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices with these considerations in mind, picking the right cap is fairly simple. Take a look at a few of our top tips before you purchase your next swim cap.

    Types of Swimming

    First, consider how you’ll be using your swim cap. Are you planning to wear your cap while swimming laps, or during a water aerobics class? Several very different types of swim caps are recommended for swimmers here, depending on which category you fall in.

    Lap swimmers and competitive swim athletes will benefit most from the hydrodynamic qualities of latex and silicone caps, helping swimmers cut through the water smoothly and easily. The smooth surface created by silicone and latex caps reduces drag for improved efficiency. Latex is typically the cheapest swim cap material, and latex caps are generally more widely available. Silicone Caps while slightly more expensive than latex, are more durable, and usually, offer more comfort.

    If you plan to swim in open water, neoprene caps might be your best bet. Known for its insulating ability, neoprene can keep you warm in colder waters, and is also the most buoyant of all swim cap materials. In addition to the swim cap material,  open water swimmers should consider visibility factors. A brightly-coloured swim cap will help rescuers or officials spot swimmers more easily in open waters.

    Those who are looking for a Budget solution for water aerobics or therapy may want to consider Lycra. A mesh, breathable material, Lycra swim caps will do the job of keeping your hair dry and out of your face, without sacrificing comfort. Latex and silicone are less forgiving materials, and can retain heat as you exercise, leaving you with a “hothead.” Lycra allows you to stay cool and comfortable.

    Swim Cap Fit

    Your hair type is another factor to consider when choosing a swim cap. If you have long, thick hair, your best bet is to choose a silicone swim cap. Silicone will adjust to accommodate your longer hair, without painfully grabbing onto or tugging at your hair as you slip your cap on and off for workouts or races. Silicone is also a more durable material than latex and is less likely to rip as you pull it on to cover your hair.

    Why wear one?

    Professional swimmers can never be found without one in the pool, but hobby swimmers are increasingly wearing a swim cap. A cap of latex or silicone has all kinds of benefits that make them so popular among swimmers! Do you have any doubts about buying one? In this article, we have set out three very good reasons to wear one during bathing.

    Protection against chlorine

    Most swimming pools contain natural chlorine to keep the water clean. Chlorine is an extremely chemical product that is very dangerous in large quantities, but the small amounts that are found in the pool are obviously not harmful. However, over time, your hair can become dry or fluffy when you swim a lot because the whole small amount of chlorine in the water slowly has an effect. If you wear a bathing cap over your hair, your hair will get much less in contact with the chlorine in the pool water and damage your hairless!

    Keep Hair together

    This reason is of course mainly for people with long hair. When you swim without a swimming cap, your hair floats around you all the way. If you have been underwater and emerges again, it can all be driven in your face and you will see nothing more! Getting your hair out of your face takes precious time and is a waste of your speed. In addition, it will keep loose hair out of the pool, which is more hygienic for everyone.

    Streamlined swimming

    All that loose floating hair is not only troublesome when it floats in your face, it also captures resistance from the water. For both people with long hair and people with short hair, a swimming cap provides a smoother surface where the water is more easily sided, making you more streamlined and therefore easier to swim.

    With a little help, choosing a Cheap product is an easy task. Ultimately, your swim cap selection should complement your swimming activities feel great when you’re wearing it.

    3 Basic Types of Swim Caps – How To Choose

    There are three basic types of swim caps on the market. Swim cap material is the biggest decision – they do not all have the same intended use, so let’s get talking!

    Lycra Swim Caps

    Are you aquaciser? If you like to do water aerobics, aquatic therapy, or work against the current in the lazy river, a Lycra cap might be perfect for you. Lycra is made of a soft, breathable fabric so you won’t get a ‘hot head’ doing your Swim Workout. They are strong enough to keep your hair in place and out of your face, but stretchy enough to be comfortable.


    Lap swimmers, you are looking for something different and more streamlined. One option is a latex cap. Latex is a stretchy and durable rubber (if cared for). Latex caps are more widely available and are also the least expensive. Latex caps are available in solids, patterns, and team prints. These caps are often included in race bags for triathlons or open water swimming competitions. They are easily customized to give a team or event a unified look. You can race in them, train in them, and if you accidentally rip one or lose one – the inexpensive price won’t break the bank.


    Option number two, also recommended for lap swimmers, is a moulded silicone cap. Silicone caps are more expensive than latex caps, but outlast them without fail. Soft silicone doesn’t grab your hair like latex and will stretch to accommodate different amounts of hair. Silicone swimming caps are for everyone, and Kiefer has an excellent selection to choose from:

    Because silicone bathing caps are more user-friendly, have a longer life, and offer a soft grip around your head, I put them at the front of the field.


    Silicone has more mould varieties then latex and additional speciality styles are available for smaller audiences: Ultimately, swimmers should go with what they like. Try different bathing cap materials and different brands until you find your favourite. Just because you don’t swim laps doesn’t mean you won’t prefer latex or silicone over Lycra.

    The important thing is you get yourself in the water and just keep swimming!

    Slap One On



1) Will Michael Andrew continue his surge? Michael Andrew has been an amazing age group swimmer and was a world champion back in 2016 at Short Course Worlds before he really made his mark this summer with four national titles at U.S. Nationals in Irvine and swimmers snorkel. Will Hangzhou just continue the momentum he has built this year into becoming one of the top male swimmers in the U.S.?

2) Will any countries show new-found depth and talent on their teams heading into the pre-Olympic year? Russian swimmers swimming bags Australia burst out of the gates at the 2018 European Championships while Australia turned back a disappointing 2017 Worlds with a solid performance at 2018 Pan Pacs. Swimming equipment Australia will either of those teams continue their momentum in Hangzhou and into 2019 or will another swimming gear Australia team rise to the top with some outstanding performers?

3) What young swimmers could break through? Since many younger age group swimmers like swimming hats and swimming resistance bands – like American collegiate swimmers – are in school during this time window, a lot of younger competitors using swimming training aids won’t even make the trip to China. And that’s too bad because the setting of a World Championships can be a vital big meet experience in a sport that doesn’t have too many big-level events team merchandise. But there’s bound to be some upstart performances from new names and the world will take note as talents to watch with 18 months to go until Tokyo!

4) Do the Short Course Worlds hold any relevance at all on the swimming calendar? training swimwear brands. This is probably a question that can be answered better next summer after 2019 Worlds to see if Short Course Worlds offers us any interesting predictors to 2019 success in the pool. But the fact remains that for an eight-year stretch, the Short Course Worlds were held in swimming powerhouse countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey between 2009-2015. Training swimwear online that’s not exactly a play for relevance – more like a cash grab by FINA, the sports governing body. Training swimwear sale, view brand swim goggles it’s nice to know where to buy fins and where to buy flippers see the event return to a long-time swimming power like China. It’s what the event needs to feel relevant globally – not to mention even locally.

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How to Put on a Swim Cap

Wearing a cap has various advantages, such as helping to keep some of the heavily chlorinated pool water off your hair, helping to keep your hair out of your face while you swim, and helping to lessen resistance as you swim. From the point of view of the pool owner, it also helps to keep your hair out of the pool filters. Swim caps are simple in design, but they can be fairly tricky to put on. With a few easy tips, you’ll be able to put on your swim cap on quickly and painlessly.

Image titled Put on a Swim Cap Step 1

Putting on a Swim Cap by Yourself

Tie back your hair. If you have long hair, use a hair tie to put your hair in a ponytail or bun (depending on the length of your hair).[1] Be sure that your hair is tied firmly so that it is secure.

  • The swim cap may force your hair to shift and pull your hair down, so you may wish to tie your hair a little higher than you would expect it to be positioned in the cap.
  • Image titled Put on a Swim Cap Step 2
  • Wet your hair with water from the bathroom or change-rooms. Dunk your head into the water in a basin, or run your hair under a shower for a couple of seconds. Wetting your hair makes it easier for the cap material to slide over your hair. Caps tend to stick to and pull dry hair strands.
    • Consider coating your hair with a thin layer of conditioner. This will make putting the cap on a lot easier.Image titled Put on a Swim Cap Step 3
    • Open the swim cap. Open the swim cap with your hands, and consider wetting the inside of the cap. Wetting the inside of the cap isn’t necessary, but some people have found that wetting the inside makes the cap easier to put on. Hold the sides of the swim cap with your two hands.
      • Wetting the cap may also make it harder to put on––it depends on the type of cap used.Image titled Put on a Swim Cap Step 4
      • Pull the swim cap onto your head. Tilt your head down and place the front of the swim cap at your forehead in between your hairline and eyebrows.[2] Allow the swim cap to catch at your forehead, and use your hands to pull the swim cap down and back to cover the rest of your head.Image titled Put on a Swim Cap Step 5
      • Adjust the swim cap. Once the swim cap is on your head, make any necessary adjustments. Tuck stray hairs into the cap, reposition the front of the cap so that it covers your hairline but isn’t over your eyebrows. Then position the cap around your ears.[3] Pull the back of the cap to make sure it is as secure as possible, and put on your goggles.
        • Positioning the cap near your ears is mostly based on personal preference. Some people like to cover their ears completely with the cap, especially if they are racing. Others like to cover half of their ears, while some don’t cover their ears at all.
  • Effect of swim cap model on passive drag.

Promotional swim caps that can be printed with your choice of branding and material colours. Promotional swim caps are a great way to promote events such as swimming carnivals and school meets. Cap colour can be customised based on your branding and company colours. 

We specialise in producing high-quality custom printed, providing the complete range for Australia and New Zealand’s leading representative swim clubs, teams, schools and water polo squads. We offer a complimentary design service, three to four-week delivery and fully inclusive pricing.


These promotional caps are individually packed in a polybag.
Custom Swim Caps are suitable for Swimming Clubs, School Swim Teams, Sports Events and as merchandise for Aquatic Centres. 

Available in a range of colours including Cyan, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Green, and Red. 

Minimum order starts at 100 units. 

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Swim Caps - What You Need to Know

Swim Cap From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some fascinating facts and history of Silicone Swim Caps can be found here:

Interesting Facts About Swim Caps

A swim cap is a vital piece of equipment for swimmers. It reduces drag by creating a smooth surface over which the water flows. While most people are familiar with the general concept behind swim caps, there are some things you probably don’t know about them.

Double Capping

Some swimmers wear not one but two swim caps. Known as “double capping,” this provides a stronger and more secure cap seal for optimal streamlining. Some swimmers during the 2012 Olympics in London, for instance, wore an inner latex cap underneath a silicone cap. This kept their goggles from moving around while also creating a smooth surface on their head. Of course, other swimmers prefer to wear a traditional chin-strap swim cap over a silicone cap.

Mandatory Swim Caps

Some pools and swimming facilities have strict rules requiring all swimmers to wear swim caps. This is because loose hair may clog their pool filters, preventing the filtration system from effectively removing contaminants and impurities from the water. So before jumping into a new and unfamiliar pool, read the rules to see if caps are required. Even if they aren’t required, though, it’s usually a good idea to wear one.

Custom Designed Swim Caps

Tired of wearing the same generic swim cap as everyone else? Well, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by wearing a swimming cap with a custom design. Here at SwimCapz, for instance, you can create and upload your own design. Want tiger stripes? Maybe you prefer your last name in a stylish font? Or perhaps you want an inspirational quote to motivate you? The design possibilities are endless thanks to this customization featured.

Invented During the Late 1800s

Some of the world’s first swim caps were invented during the late 1800s. After the rubber was invented, caps for swimming and bathing soon followed. Granted, these caps were basic in terms of design and construction, but they laid the foundation for one of the most important accessories in competitive swimming. It wasn’t until the 1920s when latex swimming caps were introduced – with silicone soon to follow.

Silicone Trumps Rubber and Latex

If you’re looking for a new swim consider, consider a silicone cap. Silicone is stronger and more durable than its counterparts, offering countless years of use when properly cared for. Most seasoned swimmers will also agree that latex caps are easier to take on and off. Rubber caps have a tendency to pull hair, but thankfully this isn’t a problem with silicone.

United States Swimming

The History of Swim Caps

History of Swim Caps

There was a time when swim caps did more than just protect swim athletes’ hair from harsh elements, and reduce swimmers drag. They were indispensable fashion accessories. About 70 years ago, no woman’s swim costume would have been complete without one.

Although the idea of covering hair while bathing began long before our grandmothers basked in public swimming pools, the more than the century-old modern history of traditional swim caps begins with the invention of rubber, in 1883.

Fashion swim caps, then and now

Bathing caps have long been used, in one form or another. In ancient times, people were known to have worn hair nets made from waxed taffeta, or synthetic silk, to keep their dos from getting damp. Rubber was introduced over a century ago and opened the door to many new inventions, including swim caps made from rubber-like fabric, to complete full body swim costumes.

Early modern swim caps looked like aviator helmets; they had chin straps to hold them in place. By the roaring ’20s, the invention of latex had led to the making of stretchier swim caps that fit right in with the styles of the day, considering head-hugging cloches were very popular. Since swimming had won acceptance as a sport, and fashion bathing suits were on the rise, it looked as if the swim cap had met its match.

During World War II, the availability of swim caps took a dive when rubber was widely used to make war materials and became sparse. Any woman who had one to protect her pricy salon ‘do was considered a lucky gal!

And they were a perfect fit on film. Cinematic “aqua musicals” starring famed swimmer and movie star Esther Williams gained popularity in the 1940s and featured synchronized swimming and an expose of elaborate, decorative swim caps set with the stylish bathing suits of the time.

Swim caps of the 1950s were colourful and textured and still cherished by women who spent a lot of time setting and curling their hair. Elaborate, retro swim caps reached their apex.

History of swim caps – from fashion to function

Things changed in the 1960s and ’70s. On one hand, long hair had become the trend and public swimming pools had established strict rules requiring people to wear swim caps. When women began sporting more convenient cuts, they no longer wore them unless they had to. Swim caps were a necessity, but as fashion curios were on the sharp decline. Floral swim caps maintained their popularity among older generations of swimmers. If it weren’t for recreation swimming rules, and swimming as a competitive sport, swim caps would have all but disappeared. No longer a fashion statement, the swim cap was worn for purely functional reasons. Durable and resilient silicone swim caps were introduced in more recent years, and are considered now to be the most popular of its kind.

Swim caps today are used mainly by swim athletes to reduce drag and protect their hair from harsh chemicals in the pool. The growing interest in competitive swimming in the 1980s and ’90s led to a surge in swim cap production. Competition swim caps are available today in many styles, materials, and colourful and unique prints. Check some of them out at Epic Sports’ complete swim cap line!

History of swim caps – looking ahead

In earlier days, swim caps simply served the dual purpose of protecting hairdos and topping off stylish swim costumes. Today, the swim cap and its advanced technologies have become an indispensable part of competition swimwear. Swim caps protect an athlete’s head from the elements and improve her performance by cutting down on drag which, to world-class swimmers, can mean all the difference between first place finishes or not. And any champion swimmer can tell you that being one of the fastest swimmers in the world is no drag at all!

History of swim caps, at a glance:

Going way back… Men and women are known to have bound their hair with nets made from taffeta, which is synthetic silk, and straw.

1883 – The invention of rubber opened the door to modern swim caps made from rubberized materials that were often covered with silky fabrics for a more fashionable cap for women.

1900-1920s – Swim caps became a fashion accessory to the full body swimsuit worn in public, and as swimming grew more popular as a sport, an indispensable piece of racing gear. The swim cap fit the styles of the period, covering bobbed dos and looked much like the form-fitting hats worn at the time.

The 1940s – World War II created a shortage in rubber, and the production of swim caps sank.

The 1950s – Swim caps were back – colourful, flowery, and more fashionable than ever. Many women still wore them to keep their dos from dipping in the water.

The 1960s – Swim caps were starting to lose their popularity as a fashion statement, however public swimming pools began to have standard rules for wearing them because of the long hair trends of the day.

The 1970s – Except for swim athletes, and people dipping into public swimming pools, swim caps had lost their popularity.

The 1980s and beyond… Swim caps of the current day are stylish, versatile and affordable. They’re available in latex, silicone, and Lycra, neoprene for open swim and scuba diving wetsuits. Swim caps come in a variety of updated colours and fun prints to suit every taste and style, for recreational and competitive swimmers of all abilities.

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